The Chinese new year is coming and with that we are leaving behind the year of the Dog and welcome the year of the Boar.

We are all familiar with the horoscope readings in the newspapers and gossip magazines. We all know people whose signs are Leo, Taurus or Scorpio to name just a few. Much more uncommon though, is that we know our Chinese Zodiac Animal. That is a pity really, because there is so much knowledge hidden in Chinese Astrology.

Not only do the Chinese have a different Astrology system than ours. Their calendar is different too! Where we celebrate New Years Eve every year on the 31st of December, things are not the same all around the world. On the 5th day of February 2019 the Chinese are getting ready for year 4717. Does that mean they started year 1 more than 4700 years ago? Not exactly.

The Ancient Chinese invented a system that included a calendar with 60 year long cycles. Originally the calendar would reset with each new emperor. However, since 1911 that custom has been set aside. The Chinese Calendar is based on the observations and positions of the sun and moon. It even has a name; yin yang li, which translates to lunar-solar calendar or more literally heaven-earth calendar. This astronomical observation is also the reason that the Chinese New Year does not fall on the exact same date every year! The exact date can vary each year from mid-January to mid-February.

In the 60 year cycle every year has a different name. These names are combinations of a Year Name and a Zodiac Animal. There are 10 Year Names, called the Heavenly Stems (Tiangan), each connected to an element of nature. Besides that there are 12 Zodiac Animals, together the Earthly Branches (Dizhi). The Zodiac Animals of the Earthly Branches can be used to count months, hours as well as years. When counting years, a combination of 1 Heavenly stem (or Element) and 1 Zodiac Animal is used to name the year.

Therefor, the moment you were born gives insight into your Zodiac Animal as well as your Element and Ascendant. You can imagine how the Elemental Sign from the Heavenly Stems and Zodiac Animal from the Earthly Branches influence each other. After all, a Water Dragon is more likely to be calm and open for ideas than a Fire Dragon, who is more ambitious and competitive. The Earth Snake is homey and cozy whereas the Metal Snake is more likely to be skeptical.

Knowing your Zodiac Animal is great and fun. Nevertheless, knowing all aspects gives you greater insight into your characteristics as well as that of others around you. Our iYinYang and YinYangMate apps calculate and explain all 3 influencers. YinYangMate even gives you insight on how you match with anyone on each of these 3 levels. All excited about what iYinYang and YinYangMate have in store for you? Click here to download the apps from the AppStore and enjoy all the greatness of this Ancient Chinese wisdom.

We wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

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